Copyright And Reuse

We have many types of content in our repository and a lot of this content is free to reuse in your own projects. Next to each item you will find a licence and this shows you what you can do with the content on our website.

In Copyright Works/Unknown

Many of our collections items are in copyright or have an unknown copyright status. That doesn't mean that you cannot use them, it just means that you may need to get permission before reusing the content. If the licence is any one of the following then please contact us for further details:

  • Copyright
  • Contact us for details
  • Some restrictions may apply

No Known Copyright Restrictions

These items are out of copyright and available for reuse without any restrictions although we would appreciate attribution and if you do something cool with our content then please do let us know.

Creative Commons Licences

These licences allow you to reuse content in different ways. Click on the links below to find out more about each licence.