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Manawatu People's Radio

Manawatū People's Radio is the broadcast arm of the Manawatū Access Radio Charitable Trust, a not-for-profit Community Access radio station. It provides access to recording equipment and expertise for the community to make their own content, especially groups who have been underrepresented in traditional media. It has been broadcasting on 999AM since 1997, covering a region from the coast to the gorge and from north of Levin to south of Whanganui. It is funded by grants, donations and with support from NZ On Air to deliver content by and for the local community under Section 36)c) of the Broadcasting Act.

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Manawatū Conversations - Oral History

Stuart Birks' oral history recordings as featured on the Manawatū People's Radio programme, "Manawatū Conversations."

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Manawatū Evening Standard Negative Collection

These images come from the back catalogue of negatives created by the Manawatu Evening Standard from 1956-1999. Negatives are continually being digitised and processed, so keep checking back to see what has been added to the online collection. Contact with any questions about use or access.

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Palmerston North Suffrage Signatories

This collection features photographs of some of the approximately 523 Palmerston North women who signed the Suffrage petition. The petition was submitted to Parliament in 1893.

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The Manawatū Journal of History

The Manawatū Journal of History contains articles on the history of the wider Manawatū area, written by a variety of contributors. The journal is published annually.

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Back Issues

Back Issues is a local history series that appears weekly in the Manawatū Standard Saturday broadsheet. Each article is the work of Manawatū historians and researchers.

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Audio Content & Oral Histories

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The Stomach posters

This collection of posters were loaned for digitisation and display on Manawatū Heritqage by the The Stomach, Lombard Street, venue for Creative Sounds Society Incorporated.

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Roland Penhall Collection

Images shot by Roland Penhall of the railway yards in Palmerston North.

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Manawatū Heritage has a great collection of maps.

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Young Collection - Glass Negatives

Subjects include family, animals and scenic views around New Zealand, including images from Mount Stewart, Rotorua and Auckland.

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Peter Patten Collection

Peter Patten was the Clerk of Works for Palmerston North City Council during the construction of Civic Administration Building. He had an interest in buildings around the city and documented them throughout the 1980s - 2000s.

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Rugby and League in the Manawatū

This collection showcases the long and proud history of local Rugby and Rugby League teams in the Manawatū.

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Items for which we seek further information.

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Local History

Articles and books pertaining to the history of Palmerston North and surrounding areas.

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