Using the Site


You can explore the entire Manawatū Heritage site all at once, use search terms to tailor content to your subject of interest and use powerful filters to narrow down your searches. This site includes content ranging from photos to multi-paged books, pamphlets and postcards as well as video and audio files.

Click on a search result to see an enlarged view and read a description of the item. Here, you can also download a copy of unrestricted items, share the item via email or on a social network like Facebook or Twitter and contribute your own comments or materials.

We provide both low and high resolution copies of our materials on Manawatū Heritage, and some of our books and .pdf documents are very large in terms of file size. Therefore, we recommend that users of the site download over a WiFi connection.

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We actively encourage visitors to our website to contribute their own content. This can range from sharing your memories in comments on an individual item to uploading your own articles to Manawatū Heritage using either existing content in the site or uploading your own.

Our collection management policy takes the broadest view possible of what constitutes heritage and seeks to record items of importance from today’s community for tomorrow’s. We hope that our community will contribute and share their own memories and content based on what is important to them now as well as uncover and share previously hidden historical treasures.

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