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This photograph was created by William James Young in the early 20th century. A large variety of subjects are depicted in the collection, but family, rural life and travel are the most prominent themes. The exact location of the photographs in the Young Collection is unknown, but W J Young lived on a farm in Mt Stewart, Rangitikei, and some of the photographs include his house. The Young family were apparently avid travellers and photographs later in the collection feature scenes from Rotorua, Auckland, Whanganui, as well as other unidentified locations. The portraits are all unidentified, but are presumably of members of the Young family. The photographers parents were George Henry (b 1833) and Jane McDowell (b 1842, d 1916). They came to New Zealand in 1877. The same year, they bought the home farm on Mt Stewart and called it Kilrudden after Kilrudden House, the home of the McDowell family in Ireland. The couple had four children: Ann (b 1873), Margaret (b 1876), John (b 1878) and William James (b 1880). William James married Mary Elizabeth Thompson and they had four children: Doris (b 1914, d 1989), George (b 1916, d 1991), Royden McDowell (b 1925, d 1992) and Noel William (b 1927, d 2013).


Object type
2014/28 - Young Collection
1900 to 1932
Digitisation ID
Glass negative
Held In


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