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Broadcast on Manawatu People's Radio, 23rd April 2024. Part 4 of 5. Had been teaching in Auckland but it wasn’t working out financially so transferred to College of Education in Palmerston North. Learned how to teach music at primary schools based on music discoveries and experimentation. Worked as the music director of The Renaissance Singers a choir started by Graham Parsons. A third of the choir didn’t agree with his goals and left but were replaced by others who joined. Performed The Messiah - very successful. Guy was learning on the job as he had no training as a choral conductor. Was invited to do a series of orchestral concerts with the Manawatu Sinfonia. Conducting a choir is different than conducting an orchestra. Has been active on committees of registered teachers, singing teachers and Musica Viva. John and Clace Schwabe covered all aspects of instrumental and vocal music. Saturday morning music still going. An amazing range of music activity in Palmerston North but leadership is a problem. Manawatu Sinfonia and Manawatu Youth Orchestra now don’t have a regular conductor. Concert music is suffering from lack of involvement by the general community. Audiences becoming smaller. Asians value western concert music and are more prominent. Very few churches have choirs. Concert music tradition is struggling. Popular music favoured.   


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April 23, 2024


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