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Broadcast on Manawatu People's Radio, 12th March 2024. Lynley de Roles.   Went on Womens Weekly tour to Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981. Travelled via Los Angeles and Disneyland. Stayed at Waldorf Hotel which was on the procession route but watched wedding on TV. Big crowds night before watching fireworks at Hyde Park. Afterwards travelled with group around England, Scotland and part of Wales. Family connections with England but born in Dunedin. Went to eight different schools in New Zealand including five years at high school in Hawera. Houses in England quite different to New Zealand. A few people on tour did a side trip to Paris. Visited The Louvre. Enjoyed Botticelli’s fresco. Has been back to France since that trip. Because of family connections has experienced food of different nationalities in NZ.    Women’s Weekly group tour to UK, Charles and Diana’s wedding. To LA, San Fransisco, Disneyland. To London, 2-3 week tour of the UK. At Waldorf, watched wedding procession going past, then on big TV screen. Event in Hyde Park the previous evening. Impressions of England, knowledge from school, family ties. Lots of photos of places, not so meaningful now. To Paris, Louvre. Why uncle settled in the UK. Stopover in Singapore. Experienced different foods in childhood, not so common in 1950s NZ. Men cooking. Traditional roasts, etc..   


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March 12, 2024


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