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Chinese Gazebo at Kelvin Grove Cemetery

Manawatū Heritage2020-03-23T18:08:30+00:00
A new Chinese gazebo at Kelvin Grove Cemetery is the first of its kind in Palmerston North.

 The Manawatū Chinese Association has given a gazebo to Palmerston North City Council as thanks for setting aside land for Chinese burials at Kelvin Grove Cemetery. The land was chosen so Chinese people could be buried on a hill, which is considered good luck in Chinese culture.  The gazebo also recognises the contribution of the early Chinese settlers and is a place of remembrance.  The project started in May 2016 and took just under a year to complete, with the official opening on Sunday, 30 April 2017.  "The gazebo will be the most visible Chinese symbol in the city," says PNCC Leisure Assets Officer Brian Way. "It’s a very striking structure."   

Funding for the gazebo came from the Chinese Poll Tax Heritage Trust, donations from the Chinese community, and funds raised by the Chinese Association. It is an authentic Chinese gazebo, and was designed, structurally engineered, built and project managed by New Zealanders. The materials for the roof and floor tiles came from Guangzhou City, China.   Manawatū Chinese Association President Tom Young says the association has always consulted widely with Chinese in Manawatū. "We have had great support from the Palmerston North City Council and the community. It is a very positive project for the city."