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Broadcast on Manawatu People's Radio, 30th April 2024. Part 5 of 5. College of Education merged into Massey University. He was not satisfied with the changes. Less emphasis on music. Didn’t like institutional life any more so asked to take leave for a year and eventually took voluntary redundancy.  Became a piano and vocal teacher working from home. His wife, Judith, did doctorate on the pressures on music teachers in secondary schools. He increased his involvement with community music in Palmerston North. Worked with Anna Leese and Dame Malvina Major Because of ageing population, there was a change to afternoon or house concerts. Reduced audiences restricted Regent Theatre to downstairs only. Ballet can attract larger audiences because it is more visual. What is now concert music was initially music found in churches or amongst the wealthy royalty of Europe. Brass band music and aspects of choral music were related to the working class. Chamber music is considered elitist.  Some children these days have a very short attention span but there are exceptions. He has the luxury of being able to work with young people to support their personal growth and musical growth. Has a five year old student who is the very best of his piano students. To succeed, a musician needs personal characteristics such as stamina, self-discipline and resilience. Music therapy is important for older people. “Music goes deeper into the sole than does speech” 


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April 30, 2024


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