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Monro Memorial

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The Monro memorial, built in 1970, is dedicated to Charles Monro, and recognises him for introducing rugby to New Zealand.

In 2011 Massey university revamped the memorial and the original plinth was replaced with a steel sculpture and storyboards. The sculpture is of a Victorian writing desk and chair, and incorporates various elements of Monro's life. It was based on an original piece of furniture carved by his wife Helene and includes a map of the region at that time and other items. The sculpture is made of corten steel and is the work of Mike Currie. As well, the concrete floor was replaced with basalt pavers and a new safety glass rail was fitted so the view was unobstructed

Charles Monro and his family lived in Fitzherbert, across the road from the memorial. Monro built 'Craiglockhart' in 1889. It was bought by Massey Agricultural College in the 1940s (now Massey University) and has been used as student accommodation ever since.


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October 15, 2020

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