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The Square, 1912 1
The Square, 1912 2

The Square, 1912

The fountain in the foreground of this postcard once stood is in western quadrant of The Square, in front of where the Central Library now sits [2017]. It is shown here before the Coronation monument for Edward VII was added on top (1925). The building with the clock tower is the former Post Office. Built in 1906, it was Palmerston North’s fourth post office. The tower was removed in 1942 after the Wairarapa earthquake. In 1988, when Telecom and Postbank became separate entities, the building ceased to be the Post Office. It currently operates as a bar.

T. Parkins, Butcher 2
T. Parkins, Butcher 1

T. Parkins, Butcher

This postcard shows the T. Parkins Butchery wagon. This postcard was sent to Miss Lucy Ethel Baker, later Wilby, and posted to her c/- Mrs Parkins Butchers, Palmerston North. Thomas and Mary Parkins lived on Milson Line. Their daughter Mary Ann was born c.1866 in Goukeby, Lincolnshire, England, and married Walter Cecil Baker, having 3 daughters and 2 sons. Lucy was the oldest and when their second child was born Lucy went to live on the farm with Thomas and Mary, spending much of her younger life with them. Lucy worked in the butchers shop for Thomas. Thomas traded as Parkins and Attfield in 52 The Square as a butchery from 1900-1903, then on his own. Thomas was granted a slaughtering licence on his Milson Line farm by the Kairanga County Council in 1903. Later Thomas started the Kairanga Meat Co., recorded as being at 52 The Square (information found in the Meat Vendors register 1923 to 1928).

Palmerston North Public Hospital 1
Palmerston North Public Hospital 2

Palmerston North Public Hospital

The Palmerston North Public Hospital was constructed at a cost of £3,700, and opened in November 1893. It was designed by Ernest Larcomb, the builders were Mr G. Carter and the first board chairman was George Snelson. Initially the staff consisted of Doctors McIntyre and Porter, Miss Ellen Dougherty, Matron and two nurses. The current hospital remains on the same site.

Postcard Wallet - Palmerston North Views 1
Postcard Wallet - Palmerston North Views 2Postcard Wallet - Palmerston North Views 3Postcard Wallet - Palmerston North Views 4Postcard Wallet - Palmerston North Views 5

Postcard Wallet - Palmerston North Views

This postcard wallet shows a variety of Palmerston North views, including The Victoria Esplanade, a train going through the Manawatū Gorge, a panoramic view of The Square and the portion of The Square between Coleman Mall and Church Street West.

1905 to 1906
Palmerston North / Manawatū
Awahuri Road, Feilding 1
Awahuri Road, Feilding 2

Awahuri Road, Feilding

A flock of sheep block Awahuri Road. Behind them gentleman on horseback, a bicyclist and a coach wait to pass. Taken around the Kitchener Park area.

The Square South West, 1902
The Square South West, 1902 2

The Square South West, 1902

To the left of the Band Rotunda is the original All Saints Church. It was replaced with the current brick structure in 1914-1915. On the corner of Church Street and The Square is the Provincial Hotel. It burned down 3 January 1906 and was replaced by the Grand Hotel, which still stands in The Square today [2017]. The fact that the three-storey Coles Building has not replaced the two storey wooden building on the far right suggests that the photograph was taken around 1902.

View of The Square, c 1915
View of The Square, c 1915 2

View of The Square, c 1915

This postcard photograph was taken from the Lakelet quadrant in The Square, looking across to the corner of Church Street West. Some features include (from left): the domed structure is the observatory, built 1906 and demolished in 1938; the cannon was one of two placed in The Square 1909; the original Lakelet Bridge, built 1909; the brick All Saints Church was completed 1914-1915; the Grand Hotel was built 1906.

Palmerston North Opera House 1
Palmerston North Opera House 2

Palmerston North Opera House

The Municipal Opera House, designed by F J Wilson and built by J Trevor and Sons, was erected for the Palmerston North Borough Council in 1904-1905 and opened 12 July 1905. In 1952 it was condemned unsafe by the Palmerston North City Council and was strengthened and remodelled both inside and out in 1955. It was sold by the PNCC to a businessman in 1996 and demolished. The postcard bears no stamp or date, so the date is based on other postcards that show the same scene.

Palmerston North Views Booklet 1
Palmerston North Views Booklet 2Palmerston North Views Booklet 3Palmerston North Views Booklet 4Palmerston North Views Booklet 5Palmerston North Views Booklet 6+10

Palmerston North Views Booklet

This booklet was intended to be posted as a souvenir of Palmerston North. Views include The Hopwood Clock Tower, Milson Airport, Memorial Park, Esplanade Gardens, All Saints Church, Broadway Avenue, Central Post Office, Massey Agricultural College and Palmerston North Art Gallery.

Band Rotunda and Post Office 1
Band Rotunda and Post Office 2

Band Rotunda and Post Office

A boy stands by the Band Rotunda, with the newly constructed Post Office, on the corner of Main Street, behind. This first Band Rotunda was built in The Square in 1899. It was shifted to The Esplanade in 1907, and replaced by another, which was demolished to make way for the Hopwood Clock Tower in 1956.

Observatory in The Square 1
Observatory in The Square 2

The Observatory in The Square

The observatory was erected in the south-west quadrant of The Square in 1906. It was demolished in 1938 after repeated bouts of vandalism and the increase in light pollution in The Square lessened its usefullness. The Lakelet constructed 1909, can be seen to the left of the observatory.

Path Through Victoria Esplanade Gardens 1
Path Through Victoria Esplanade Gardens 2

Path Through Victoria Esplanade Gardens

The sign on the side of the image reads, "Notice. Any Person riding a Bicycle, lighting a Fire, Cutting, Damaging or removing any Tree, Fern or Shrub or Structure within this Reserve, will be Prosecuted. By Order R N Keeling, Town Clerk. P.N. Borough Council." Development began on the Victoria Esplanade in Palmerston North, named to mark Queen Victoria's 60th jubilee, in 1897. The bush walk was probably originally laid out c1900-1905.

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