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Manawatū Flour Mills
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Manawatū Flour Mills

This building, which housed the Manawatū Flour Mills from 1918 to 1968, was situated on the corner of Broadway Avenue and Albert Street until demolished in 1968. It was the second flourmill on this site, the first being a small wooden building. The business was established by Richter, Nannestad and Co. in 1878 and sold to James McGill of the Manawatū patent Roller Flour Mill Co. in 1902. Seventeen years later it was purchased by John Ireland of The Manawatū Mills Ltd, who sold it on to Farm Products Co-operative Tararua Ltd in 1965.

Manawatū Flour Mills Staff

Manawatū Flour Mills Staff

Manawatū Flour Mills staff photograph. Individuals identified by John Ireland, 10 June, 1968: L-R: Les Hemmingsen, L.A. Ferguson, Unknown, Frank Lunn, Unknown (at back), John Reece Cole (front), Jack Barker (with dog), Unknown (front), Miss Barber, Unknown, Horace Ruth, Jack Rogers (back), Len Thorn, Fisher (back), Unknown (back), Unknown (front), Jack Baubery.

circa 1932
Corner of Albert Street and Broadway Avenue