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Land Sale notice of 'Girl's Flock House'

Land Sale notice of 'Girl's Flock House'

Subdivision sale notice for the land of the former Girl's Flock House on the Long Melford Road extension (later Maxwell's Line) in Awapuni, Palmerston North. The land was divided into 28 sections plus another section for the two storeyed house and land.

Girl's Flock House was an extension of Flock House for boy,s near Bulls, which was set up to train boys from the UK in agricultural skills after WWI. It taught girl's from the UK, cooking, baking, laundry, sewing, butter making, nursing, milking, poultry, beekeeping and orchard work. The house was originally built on the land by D W Strang in C.1903, and was named 'Shalimar'. It was bought by the Women’s Division of the Farmers' Union in 1939, renamed 'Kainga Moe', and used as a rest home and domestic training centre until it was completely destroyed in a fire in 1958.

Maxwells Line, Palmerston North